The Eastern Association of Christian Homeschoolers

Duties That Need To Be Filled This School Year

TEACH has grown so much in the past few years that it has become essential for all families to pull their weight and sign up for at least one duty. Below is a list of these duties. Please glance through the list and call Pam Barker to have your name added to the duty you wish to perform. We know there are a number of other ways you can help out, so just let us know.

Copying and Posting Directory: Board members

Organize Field Day:    ?

Organize Science Fair: 1 ? 

2.          ?             

Organize Cultural Dinner: 1.    ? 2.           ?

Organize Christmas Craft Day:

1. ?    2.  ?


 Drama club:

Creative direct.-Tania Lilley-Cory

Coordinate desserts- 

Admin. Assistants-                 

Host Talent/Art  Show:   

Lead Yearbook Staff:  

Help with Yearbook: 1

2.   ?

3. ?               4.   ?

Organize Spring Dance/Prom:

1.     2.  

3.  ?      4.   ?

Graduation: Senior Parents

Money for PE Classes:


Collect money-

1st 6 weeks-(age 12+)- , (age 9-11)-    (age 6-8)-

2nd 6 weeks-(age 12+)- , (age 9-11)    

 (age 6-8)-

3rd 6 weeks-(age 12+)- , (age 9-11)   ???       

(age 6-8)-

Store PE equipment (summer)-

Organize Headshots 

Pic day signup:       

Organize Valentine's Day Skate: 

Maintain Website: Board Members & Anna Jones

Order Senior's Gifts, Pick up, Wrap & Deliver: 

Boxtops Coordinator: Danielle Barker

Campbell's Soup Labels Coordinators: ???

Facebook Pages: ????

Organize a Field Trip/Activity












12.                                                        more...       

End-of-year party:   ???

Kick off Party:

Our Sports Teams are all Parent Organized and Led:

Athletic Director:     Lee Evans

Volleyball Team:   

Girls' Basketball:  

Boys'  basketball:

Softball: Coach: 

Baseball: Coach:                                

***If your child plays on a TEACH sports team, you must volunteer to help out with the team in some way. Opportunities:  Schedule games & officials, Scorekeepers, Scoreboard, Admissions Collecting,  Uniform Coordinator, Fundraising Coordinators,  Concessions, etc.